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Keynote Speakers


Name             : Dr. Vinod Kumar Bura,MBBS.,MPH

Organization : World Health Organization

Position         : Medical Officer/ Epidemiologist

  • Dr Vinod Bura is  medical doctor, with specialization in Epidemiology  from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK
  • A senior Epidemiologist working with WHO Indonesia, providing Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Health, Indonesia in areas of Immunization, VPD Surveillance, child Health, Strengthening AEFI, Surveillance, and works in collaboration with partners like UNICEF, GAVI, World Bank , Gates foundation, USAID etc.
  • He has  over twenty five years of progressive experience in public heath  mostly in challenging conditions from grass root i.e. Primary Health Centre to International level, with Government and UN agencies (WHO and UNICEF). These involved strategy policy, planning, coordination and implementation, evaluation  of public health programs, specifically Immunization and Infectious disease  Surveillance program
  • He is one of the facilitator at prestigious  “International Vaccinology Course” at International Vaccine Institute , Seoul South Korea


Name             : Dr. Siti NadiaTarmizi,M.Epid

Organization : Indonesian Ministry of Health

Position         : Director for Prevention and Control of Direct Communicable Diseases

  • dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, M.Epid graduated from FMUI 1996 as Director for Prevention and Control of Direct Communicable Diseases, Indonesian Ministry of Health as well as spokesperson for the Covid-19 vaccination national program.
  • The last award she received was Bhakti Karya Husada Dwi Windu (16 years old).
  • Prior to serving as Director of Prevention and Control of Directly Infectious Diseases, on August 19, 2020 Siti Nadia Tarmizi served as Director of Prevention and Control of Vector and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases since 2018.
  • She is the National AIDS Program Manager at the Indonesian Ministry of Health. So, she is responsible for managing the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)/AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) programs in Indonesia.



Name                 : Dr. Trihoni Nalesti Dewi, SH., MH

Organization     : Soegijapranata Catholic University

Position             : Lecturer at the Faculty of Law

Name                 : Dr.dr. I Edward Kurnia Setiawan L., M.M., M.H.Kes., Sp.PK., M.Si.Med

Organization     : Diponegoro University

Position             : Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine; Head of Clinical Pathology Study Program

Name                 : drg. Irma HY Siregar, M.H.Kes

Organization     : Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang

Position             : Lecturer at Dental Department


Organizing Committee

1. Steering Committee :

Name                 : Dr. Marcella Elwina Simandjuntak, S.H., CN, M.Hum

Organization     : Soegijapranata Catholic University

Position             : Dean of Law and Communication Faculty

Name                 : Dr. Yustina Endang Wahyati, SH., MH

Organization     : Soegijapranata Catholic University

Position             : Head Study Program of Health Law Master Program

Name                 : Ignatius Hartyo Purwanto, S.H., M.H.

Organization     : Soegijapranata Catholic University

Position             : Secretary of Health Law Master Program


2. Chairman :

Name                 : Ns. Fajar Widhi Atmodjo, S.Kep.

Organization     : Soegijapranata Catholic University

Position             : Staff Faculty of Medicine and Health Law Master Program Student


3. Deputy Chairman :

Name                 : drg. Denny Hardianto, MPH

Organization     : Soegijapranata Catholic University and Misi Lebak Hospital

Position             : Health Law Master Program Student and Director of Misi Lebak Hospital


4. Secretary :

  1. dr. Azda Aulia Fajri, S.Hum
  2. drg. Afrinda Shinta Graharani
  3. dr. Vini Firgianti
  4. dr. Ferdinandus Yanuar W., M.Kes
  5. Fiona Cristabella, S.K.G


5. Treasurer :

  1. dr. Intan Suherman
  2. dr. Emelia Wijayanti, Sp.PK


6. Scientific Section :

  1. dr. Nirmala Safitri, M.Kes (Epid)
  2. dr. Hendy Luis
  3. dr. Ketut Widiyasa, MPH
  4. Dr. dr. Ade Armada Suteja
  5. Dr. dr. Purwanto Adhipireno, Sp.PK (K)
  6. dr. Farah Fauziah
  7. dr. G. Ayu Amelinda
  8. dr. Yessi Natalia S. M.Kes


7. IT & Equipment Section :

  1. drg. Victor Kurniawan
  2. Ns. Febrina Pattina Sarani, S.Kep
  3. Heru Sandri, S.Tr.Kes
  4. dr. Renita Agustina
  5. Sendhi Dwi Laksono, S.Ked
  6. dr. I Ketut Adi Nugraha


8. Documentation, Publication and Public Relations Section :

  1. Harvey Hadinata, MM.
  2. dr. Singgih
  3. dr. Kelvin Kurniawan, M.Kes
  4. Ma'ruf Akib, SH
  5. dr. Henry Stefanus S., Sp. OG
  6. dr. Anggrahini Puspo Dewi
  7. Sunita Sinaga, S.Kep, Ners., MMRS
  8. dr. Ronny Sutanto
  9. dr. Satiyo, Sp. OT
  10. Chintya Hiacinta, S.Farm
  11. Wahyudi, SH
  12. dr. Ratna Hapsari
  13. Attia Zaidiah, S.Farm


9. Funding Section :

  1. Dr. dr. Djaya Massa, Sp.OG (K) FM
  2. Ns. Klara Laras, S.Kep
  3. dr. Kristian Darmasaputra, MARS
  4. dr. Helario Hasibuan, Sp.M
  5. dr. Mirna Primasari
  6. dr. Noer Trianto Rusli